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Veteran Resources

University of Pennsylvania Servicemembers and Veterans Legal Assistance Project (SVLAP) is a student pro bono organization that seeks to provide Philadelphia’s veterans and servicemembers with legal resources and information, and to facilitate representation of these individuals in their civil legal matters. SVLAP was founded in the Spring of 2011, when Class of 2013 students Alisan VanFleet, Melissa Krain, Rachel Levick, and Max Rosenberg began searching for ways in which Penn Law students could volunteer to serve the Philadelphia veteran community. With help and supervision from the Toll Public Interest Center (TPIC), SVLAP has grown to include over 20 student volunteers and serves local veterans through a number of volunteer projects.

The Women Veterans Center’s (WVC) mission is to provide services, programs, opportunities and advancement to US Veterans and their families. Women Veterans and their families are invited to spend time at the WVC connecting with each other, and the overall community. We regularly participate in external activities, volunteer days, events with other Veteran organizations and always welcome ideas for cross-collaboration

*Not all resources are part of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs*

For more national women Veteran specific resources, please visit:

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