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Veteran Resources

Lady Veterans Connect is an organization created to provide high quality, comprehensive services to assist female veterans in transitional support and prevent homelessness. Founded in 2012 under the name Sheppards Hands by Phyllis Abbott, LVC was officially renamed in 2016 and opened the first transitional healing home, the Thurman-Abbott House, for female veterans in Kentucky. Since then, LVC has connected over 500 lady veterans in Kentucky with needed resources, and not a single night has passed without occupancy in the Thurman-Abbott House. As of 2019, Lady Veterans Connect board members and volunteers logged over 28,000 hours serving veterans. LVC has purchased and has currently completed renovations on a previous elementary school in Winchester, KY to house 32 female veterans.

Kentucky Veterans Brigade (KVB) is a 501 (C)(3) organization comprised of reservist, civilian patriots, and veterans working together to improve the lives of our veterans and their families. KVB was organized to: promote physical, mental, and social stability, support our veterans and their families and insure that the highest of honor is bestowed upon our Veterans. KVB partners with community organizations, other nonprofits, and businesses that specialize and are professionals in their fields. Our organization does not duplicate services already available but will attempt to fill in any gaps in service that involve our veterans and their families.

*Not all resources are part of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs*

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