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Veteran Resources

Georgia Military Women is a social and professional networking club which covers the entire state of Georgia. There are about 2,500 members who share information and friendships. The group uses a wellness approach to helping women veterans transition home to the civilian world. The group is not a 501(3)c, so there is not financial support available, but women in need are referred to local organizations. The group also helps with referrals for VA benefits and employment leads. The closed group is limited to women only, with the majority living in Georgia, but any military woman from any state is welcome to join.

VETLANTA is a club operated exclusively for veteran social and business networking and community service purposes. The club’s mission is to make Atlanta the premier community in the country for veterans and their families to work and live, with the purpose of helping veterans. VETLANTA works to improve the city of Atlanta by helping those that serve Atlanta’s military community.

The mission of the Women Veterans Organization of the CSRA is to shine a light on issues facing women who have served our Armed Forces. We strive to empower, uplift and encourage these women to be the greatest version of themselves. Our primary services include: advocating for the health and well-being for all Female Veterans, serving as a liaison between Women Veterans and proper governmental agencies, providing assistance to homeless, incarcerated, and those in need; regardless of branch, era, or time served.

*Not all resources are part of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs*

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