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Veteran Resources

My Seester Organization strives to open the communication on benefits as well as issues that concern the female veteran population. The organization recognizes the lack of programming that impacts women and girls in South Florida. My Seester Organization is headquartered in South Florida and focuses its energy on filling the void of resources for female Veterans.

Operation120 Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)3 based in Boca Raton, FL. Operation120 desires to provide financial aid and transitional life skills services to displaced and at-risk female military veterans. As a strong community leader and partner, we develop partnerships with other community organizations to ensure wide use of already available resources. We are a professional and transparent organization that recognizes the value of our board members, employees, volunteers and our clients. Operation120 utilizes sound business practices and demonstrates good use of resources, donations, and stewardship.

*Not all resources are part of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs*

For more national women Veteran specific resources, please visit:

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